Hi there, I'm Ashish Dung Dung, and I welcome you to my site!

Who am I

I'm a Blogger and an App Developer

I am currently a regular school student. My aspiration is to become a successful Entrepreneur in my life, bringing up innovations, creating awesome stuff. As for now am exploring resources and learning things that I could grab. I work on various projects and collaborate on many projects on the internet to gain experience. I also work as a website designer and build sites for people who hire me.

I’m good in technological fields like gadgets, programming, the internet, telecom, and computers. Probably, I think I would pursue these things as career options for later future.

Let’s work together! Drop me and email to get started!

What I do

Keeping it simple

I primarily develop apps and games for mobile devices for ecosystems like Android and Windows. I also on demand build websites, troubleshoot servers, do design work and provide consultancy related to various fields as finance.

I'm quite experienced in working online in different areas as I'm seeking more knowledge and skills while working with clients on different types of projects. Till now I have worked on many projects and am still looking for more work to increase experience with code.

Customer sanctification comes first, and a client should always be given a decent product or service be it in any field. What I expect in real life is what I wish to provide my customers with a satisfactory service.

Things I have done









Stuff on this site

I write articles in this Website's related to various niche. You are free to check them. Hope they are what you are looking for.